When you know truth, you know love. Reflections about Cell Structures

by Véronique Tomaszewski (Vetora)

Attracted by a red bench in the shape of a feast of whale ribs, I entered Augustus Jones almost by a fractal accident on my way to Merchants. Walking through the chairs, armchairs and tables reminiscent of a French café, I was seized by an overwhelming feeling of peaceful softness emanating from long blue sheets of paper floating here and there through the open space of the white industrial walls.

Moving slowly amidst metal arms and wooden legs, I reached a secret chamber to the left. Two chairs, disappearing within a forest of descending ropes from where paper cells were dangling, invited me to a conversation with this ethereal yet enduring encounter.

I sat, my body and senses saturated by the multitude of round paper shapes. Their random holes allowed me to breath through the tension between presence and emptiness.

This is where I met the artist, Tania Love; where we weaved our sensitivities, our mutual attraction for things Japanese, and our Polish ancestry together in and out of these cell structures. “I left Elora and the landscape of the gorge with cedar trees and went to Toronto Island, she said. I was immersed in the open expanse of the lake and was inspired by the grey toned patterns in the sand. I am very drawn to the elements where I am living.

Charmed by the intimacy created between our bodies and the Cell Structures swinging softy from the tall ceiling, a feeling of peace embraces our being as invisible airflows circulate around us in the tight space. This poetic moment has no other equivalent than within the peaceful caress of love: love of Nature, love of art, love of life itself.