REALM by Silent Lab

Bring the comfort of home into the office with REALM, your go-to spot for business meetings, casual chats with colleagues, rejuvenating breaks, or even a quick yoga session. This unconventional acoustic well-being meeting room offers it all. Enjoy peace and privacy while staying visually connected to your surroundings. The glass ceiling allows ample daylight to flood in, visually expanding the overall space of REALM. Furnished with a cozy sofa, table, and shelves as standard equipment, this meeting room will quickly become your favorite place in the office, making you look forward to each day at work.

Standard Equipment:

Electrical Socket (2x), motion sensor, LED lighting, control panel for lighting and air ventilation.

Exterior Dimensions W99.2 * H90 * D112.4 in
Interior Dimensions W88.4 * H83.8 * D107.7 in
Interior Decorative Fabric
Exterior Decorative Fabric