Office Furniture 2.0

Office design is having a moment. Once reserved for drab pieces of furniture and lifeless ambiance, the office of today is making employees want to move in, not race for home. Thoughtful design details, color, and exquisite furniture in the work place is making the 9-5 experience more palatable, and even sharable on social media. The importance of a comfortable and design savvy space for employees allows for better output and morale. Those countless studies on color therapy must have played a part in this shift, in addition to the rise of interior decor chit chat around the water cooler and beyond. Offices are having makeovers, and incorporating furniture solutions that easily could translate into a home or an on trend restaurant. Allowing employees to gather and brainstorm in spaces that take their cue from the freelancers "cafe style" work environment. Resulting in the idea of Offices 2.0 or change towards what will be the norm in the future. 
We too have a great project on the horizon, one that befits exactly this notion. We are designing and furnishing an office space for a client who appreciates contemporary design and wants to step outside the mould of the traditional work place. More on that later in the year. Watch this space! 
In the mean time it was delightful to see office furniture mentioned in the acclaimed design publication AZURE and their website. Prostoria’s Monk series in purple (The Pantone colour of 2018) is like office furniture 2.0. A surprising yet welcome choice for teams who want to push the boundaries and expect a little colour in their home away from home. 
Monk Series by Prostoria 
The Monk collection brings together the regional modernist tradition and contemporary design. Originally, the chair and armchair were designed for the renovation of the architectural icon – the Palace Hotel in Dubrovnik. At the same time, they were homage to the very popular Lupina chair, a classic designed by Niko Kralj. This simple idea is reduced to finding harmony in joining two bended platforms: one for the backrest and the other expanding into the armrest. This results in an upholstered shell mounted on various types of legs – higher ones for the chair and lower ones for the armchair. The name for this collection is a figurative association that simultaneously follows the modernist ethics that inspired the team of designers: it seems as if an old monk dressed in modest cotton clothes decided to sit in an unpretentious wooden chair. The two Monks, a chair and an armchair, fuse the everyday life filled with work and contemplation. The collection is supplemented with low tables, a dining room table and a bar stool.
"As if an old monk dressed in modest cotton clothes decided to sit in an unpretentious wooden chair. The two Monks, a chair and an armchair, fuse the everyday life filled with work and contemplation."
Wagner W1 Chair 
Wagner Chairs 
W1 by Wagner 
The Wagner office series puts a capital C in contemporary furniture. Simple, clear and sustainably, the W1 enters the next generation of revolutionary Wagner office chairs with Dondola® technology into contemporary offices. The W1 impresses with its clear appearance, which is characterized by its satin chromed steel frame. Technical elements are optically hidden in the W1; they appear intuitively when you use the chair. Two different backrest heights, cushion variants with high value upholstery as well as mesh fabric and leather clothing give the W 1 its individual personality.
Wagner W3 Stool 
A place to gather. The mega trend "Sitting in motion at a very high level" can be found in the new model W3, the first 3D-stool from Wagner. A cluster of stools moves away from the traditional board room set up, and into a more relaxed yet contemporary feel perfect for the offices of the now. 
To wild anticipation, the company is releasing it's new D1 by Diez at the IMM in Cologne this week. Revealing to the public that it is like sitting in the 4th dimension. Another Wagner masterpiece, the new D1 office chair designed by Stefan Diez is set to move the world, and is arguably one of the most exciting projects in the brands young history. 
D1 by Diez 
You'll be surprised: Sitting has never been such a pleasure for all senses —Wagner
Stefan Diez in the D1