Spotlight On High Back Chairs

High or wing back chairs might evoke an image of an older worldly relic or traditional design, however brands like Prostoria, Vincent Sheppard, and Wagner are putting their contemporary spin on the much loved classic. Here we look at three versions for users looking for modern sensibilities in their decor and design.

The New Kid : Trifidae Lounge Chair by Prostoria 


 This formally expressive armchair by Prostoria shields its user from the immediate context, while the slim, elevated backrest suggests a more sociable, less reserved quality with pops of colour to make it truly modern,

The tilting of the three parts of the armchair resembles closing and openings of the petals of flower buds.
– Prostoria 


 The New Classic: Butterfly Wing Chair by Vincent Sheppard


  Vincent Sheppard mixes age old techniques with innovation and modern design. Their bold lines coupled with strong materials like their famous Lloyd Loom seen here, illustrates a young creation to uplift any space. Fitting with the Vincent Sheppard DNA of craftsmanship, quality, and design.

Fun Fact
Vincent Sheppard and its famous Lloyd Loom weave were responsible for the beautiful baby carriages of the early 19th Century. 


The Multi-Use: W- Lounge Chair by Wagner - Living

The clean lined W- Lounge chair by Wagner is a conversation starter, characterized by its simplicity and elegance. A spacious lounge chair to help you relax and recuperate, to lean back and move to and fro. A design that can find its place in both the home and the office. Available in a rainbow of colours for customization and individuality. 

As the mind unwinds, that homely feeling of cosiness and security envelops you – Wagner