Sofa Beds For Holiday Guests

It's home for the holidays as they say! This time of year sees us welcoming family and friends into our homes to celebrate the holiday season. The season brings more visitors than usual and begs the question- where are we going to put them all? From a design perspective, it is a fun way to re-imagine a space or think about incorporating multi-functional pieces into your permanent interior design. 

Prostoria has turned sofa beds upside down and all around. Re-designing a standard piece of furniture with contemporary flare. You will never think of a sofa or day bed that same again.






We have created a system with which the backrest rotates at 180 degrees around the seat and becomes part of the bed. The open bed form is symmetrical and fits well independently in the space. — Prostoria



While designing the Up-lift armchair and sofa, our concept was to transform them into a bed with a single action. This action gives the impression of an elegantly orchestrated and rhythmical movement. — Prostoria  




While designing the Pil-low, we focused our research on the most effective transformation from a sofa into a bed. This transformation functions like a simple spatial puzzle. — Prostoria